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    Fully qualified secondary English teacher with five years of experience.

Ellen has an undergraduate degree in English Literature from the University of Southampton and holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Secondary English Teaching from the University of the West of England. She is a fully qualified English teacher with five years of experience teaching in secondary schools across London. Ellen currently holds a position in middle leadership, and is responsible for ensuring the quality of English teaching and for leading whole school training sessions to develop other teachers. As a Lead Practitioner for English, it is her responsibility to stay up to date with teaching and learning pedagogy. She has received state of the art training on how to improve students’ literacy and vocabulary skills. Ellen has helped students prepare for a range of examinations across English Language and Literature and she is a GCSE exam board marker and has received high commendations for the quality of her student’s A-level coursework year after year.

She believes every child has the potential to be successful in life and make a positive contribution to the society they live in. This can only be achieved if they are empowered to be confident, independent and lifelong learners. As a tutor, she likes to create a bespoke programme based around the individual needs of her learners. To begin with she will identify the gaps within their knowledge and their areas for improvement and then focus her activities and teaching in order to best suit their requirements. Ellen likes to use a range of engaging and interactive activities interspersed with quality testing so that students are able to see their rapid progress.

Ellen is an avid reader and theatre goer. She enjoys travel, music and socialising with friends.


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