Meet Crispin!

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    Sequoia Tier
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    Hugely experienced and qualified teacher, with managerial experience, specialising in science and mathematics.

Crispin has a Masters in chemistry and is a qualified teacher. He has taught mathematics and science to GCSE and chemistry to A level for twenty years, alongside his work as deputy headteacher of a leading independent school. He has taken private students since 2010 and specialises in mathematics/science Common Entrance preparation alongside A level chemistry, He also offers UKCat and BMAT coaching. Crispin is also an A level chemistry examiner. In 2019, he taught mathematics and science to two students who went onto receive academic scholarships at Eton and Winchester Colleges. Another student was given grades of 7/8 at GCSE when he had been predicted 4/4 at the start of the year. His A level students all received top grades.

Crispin also has a Masters in Education and tailors his approach to each student. He liaises closely with the parents to establish what will be most effective when teaching their child and he maintains close links throughout the tutoring period. Crispin is very collaborative in his teaching, using an activity-based approach. He expects the highest standards and he is happy to give homework or extra tasks, with parental agreement, in order to achieve the required grades.

Crispin is one of the best rugby union referees in the country and has worked for the RFU on a semi-professional basis. He is also a former silver medallist in karate.