Meet Christopher!

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    Oak Tier
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    Mechanical engineering student, from Queen Mary (University of London), offering mathematics from KS 2-5.

Chris is currently studying for a Msc in mechanical engineering from Queen Mary, University of London. He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering (First class honours) from De Montford University in Leicester. He also has an Extended Diploma in mechanical engineering (Double Distinction Merit).

Chris really enjoys tutoring one-to-one because he believes there is a need to tailor specific ways of teaching and learning to each individual, as we all do not process information in the same way. With class sizes getting increasingly bigger, it is difficult for any teacher to give enough of their time to each individual student. That is where tutoring comes in handy as, at its best, it supplements the work the student is doing at school making sure clear concepts have been understood. This will then lead to increasing confidence around the subject area.

Chris’ hobbies are football, music, outdoor sports, keeping fit and DIY. Chris also speaks fluent Lugandan.