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    Fully qualified teacher, with a BSc in pure and applied chemistry, offering biology, physics (KS3-4) and chemistry (KS3-5).

Chris holds a Bachelor Degree in pure and applied chemistry, a Diploma in science education and has Qualified Teaching Status in the UK. He joins Sophia as a Sequoia Tutor with over fifteen years of experience as a science teacher and tutor and over ten years of experience as an assistant examiner. Chris is knowledgeable with the variety of examination boards in the UK, especially in AQA and EdExcel.

Chris is a lifelong student of science. he believes his primary focus is to make the lessons engaging and to build the confidence of his students. He uses strategies that will equip students with the skills that make them strong independent learners and, as result, are able to attempt new and novel problem situations that prepare then adequately for various assessments, examinations and lifelong learning.

Outside of teaching and working with students, Chris enjoys listening and cataloguing music, traveling locally and internationally and exploring different cultures.


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