Meet Christele!

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    Oak Tier
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    Native French speaker, with a degree in fashion, offering French and fashion.

Christèle completed her Baccalauréat in Switzerland; she has a BA in fashion design and development from the London College of Fashion. Whilst living in Switzerland she taught gymnastics to a variety of ages and also tutored Swiss students in English.

When Christèle teaches French, she spends the first half of the session simply talking in French with her student. It could be on any subject that her student wants to talk about that day, but in French. She then spends the other half of the session extracting some grammatical mistakes she heard whilst talking to them, and explain in depth the grammar rules they do not understand.

Christèle enjoys cooking a lot. She also likes sports, particularly gymnastics, and she likes anything fashion or creative related. She is also a native French speaker.