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    Sequoia Tier
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    Experienced Early Years-KS2 qualified teacher; specialist in Early Years.

Charlotte graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University after completing a BA(Hons) in Primary Education. She has worked in all year groups from nursery to Year 8. She grew up knowing that she wanted to become a teacher. At 14 she completed a course that allowed her to teach at her local lifesaving club. At 16 she also became a swimming instructor; she then completed various courses on how to teach and coach various other sports. Whilst completing her degree, Charlotte also worked as a 1-2-1 tutor.

In 2014 Charlotte started teaching in a Primary school in Cheshire and taught a Year 4 and 5 class. The classes spent time learning outdoors and using their skills to solve real life problems. Charlotte spent time using Jolly Phonic, Floppy’s Phonics and Read Write Inc in the school; having used different schemes has given her lots of tools to support children when it comes to decoding words and understanding and answering comprehension.

In 2018 Charlotte travelled abroad to work for the largest education provider in Kuwait, they have over thirty schools, most of them preschools. She taught English in the Early Years in her first year, then in her second year she was asked to step up to support other teachers. Here, she was given the chance to deliver training and rewrite out new schemes of work, so they in line with the British Curriculum – alongside teaching her English Classes. Charlotte believes in making learning fun and interesting. If learning can be child-orientated and led, then she finds that children engage far better. Listening to the voices of the children she works with, but also discovering their own interests, makes for a very successful learning environment. She believes in hands on learning, projects and making learning meaningful.

Charlotte’s hobbies include travelling the world, tasting and cooking new foods and learning new languages. She is a sports enthusiast, and has always loved to be in the water- snorkelling, diving or just swimming some lengths of her local pool!


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