Meet Charlotte!

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    Fir Tier
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    Russell Group educated tutor offering English language and literature (KS2-5) and languages (Spanish & French) from KS2-4.

Charlotte graduated from the University of Leeds with a first-class honour in English literature, however, she is currently completing an MA in international relations at Goldsmiths University. Over the last few years she has gained valuable experience working in multiple agencies. Her first tutoring position consisted of teaching up to five children at a time in disadvantaged schools in Leeds. This teaching was mostly centred around the KS2 SATs preparation in for mathematics, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Charlotte then switched companies, where she taught English language and English literature from aged 14 to university level on a one-to-one basis.

Charlotte’s tutoring lessons are not dictated by the same format as a classroom, and she tries to create a dynamic and fun, multi-media learning environment tailored to each student’s interests and needs. International relations have developed her ability to create critically engaging classes that stimulate students’ ability to think outside the box and outside Eurocentric curriculums. Charlotte very much focuses on developing her student’s voice in helping them construct well-crafted opinions and arguments.

Alongside her studies and work, Charlotte tries to culturally engage with as much of the London scene as she can; whether it be going to theatre productions, the cinema or exhibitions. She writes critical reviews on what ideas she draws out of these experiences and why she thinks they matter. Charlotte also speaks French.