Meet Charlotte!

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    Oak Tier
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    Third-year medical student at Imperial College with tuition experience in the sciences and mathematics.

Charlotte is going into her third year of medicine at Imperial College, with the view to working as an A&E doctor following the completion of her degree. She completed the following impressive list of secondary qualifications: A Level: biology, chemistry and mathematics all at Grade A* and, in addition, AS level: further mathematics and geography at Grade A; she is an experienced tutor in these subject areas of expertise. Charlotte is also able to offer medical school admissions and interview support to students looking to enter the field of medicine at university and offer support, at Foundation Level, for international university students beginning their studies in the UK.

Charlotte’s personal approach is to provide a student-centred learning approach with the delivery of her tuition sessions, by developing a resource kit aimed at making questions on what has been taught in order to test and challenge the student’s knowledge and then to prepare exam-style questions to end the sessions, in order to improve exam technique.

Charlotte is an avid marathon runner and will take part in running in the Washington DC marathon this Autumn. She also has a passion for women’s football and enjoys traveling to new places around the world in order to experience the culture of these newly discovered places.