Meet Blezzy!

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    Queen Mary University of London student offering Mathematics and Chemistry for GCSE and A’Level.

Blezzy is in her second year of university at Queen Mary University of London, where she is studying mechanical engineering. During her sixth form, she studied A-level mathematics, further mathematics, chemistry and physics. Throughout this time, she was an A-level mathematics tutor at St Charles Sixth Form College. In her first year of university she volunteered to tutor chemistry at The Access Project. This is an organisation that helps bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds gain access to top universities. Overall, Blezzy has been tutoring GCSE to A-level in both mathematics and chemistry for three years.

Blezzy’s personal approach to tuition includes getting to know the student’s personal learning style; this includes a small discussion on their strengths and weaknesses regarding the subject. Then she would tailor every session to fit the student’s learning abilities, so they would have a better understanding and engage with the subject. As well as helping them improve with their understanding on the subject, she hopes to make the students enjoy themselves in this process by making the session as fun and interactive as possible.

Apart from her academics, Blezzy’s passion also lies in music. She can play piano and violin, and she is was part of an orchestra and choir. She is quite active and goes to the gym regularly and also practices ballet from time to time. Blezzy is fluent in Filipino (Ilocano).