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    As a Fir Tutor, Aqeel has over fifteen years of expert experience in teaching mathematics and computer science.

Holding a Masters in computer science and BSc. in mathematics, Aqeel has a fifteen-year proven track record of teaching mathematics, ICT/computing to A Level and Foundation Level and science to GCSE. Aqeel is also able to support teaching Python programming for beginners. Aqeel is a friendly, аpprоаchаble and enthusiastic teacher, who plans his lessons well.

He works thoroughly to provide tailoring support to each tutee based on their skills and abilities. With a thorough understanding of the changes to both the GCSE and A Level curriculum over the past few years, Aqeel focuses on concept clarity, and uses real life applications of mathematical and scientific problems to support pupils in their understanding. He believes that every student is capable to excel if they know basic fundamental ideas and accurate application of principles.

When not tutoring, Aqeel enjoys cricket, maths games and finding new approaches to sums, sudoku and snooker. He is also fluent in Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi.