Meet Annabel!

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    Biology specialist with a first class degree from Queen Mary University of London.

Annabel has enjoyed biology since studying for her GCSE’s and A-Level in it; so much so, she pursued a degree in biology (with first class honours) from Queen Mary University of London. Annabel has tutored up to GCSE level for family friends whilst at university.

She focuses on individualised, fun teaching for each student and finds topics more enjoyable and easier to understand if you can bring an element of fun into them! Annabel works by breaking down challenging topics into a simple manner to ensure full understanding – not rote learning. She also focuses on consistent practice of exam questions to increase student confidence.

Annabel enjoys swimming and cycling for fitness. She is invested in her mental wellbeing and so practices yoga and meditating and also enjoys drawing as a pastime. Annabel has studied intermediate Spanish.