Meet Andrew/Math

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    Sequoia Tier
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    Experienced and excellent teacher with a passion for mathematics.

Andrew studied mathematics, history, geography and chemistry at A-Level, before going on to study philosophy and ancient history at St. Andrews University. He then competed the Teach First programme, through which he gained a PGCE in mathematics teaching. Since then he has worked as a teacher for seven years, in some of the best mathematics departments in the world (with over 80% of his students achieving grades A*-A or 7-9).

Andrew has a very personal approach to teaching. He gets to know his students and their specific needs as soon as possible. His knowledge of the mathematics curriculum allows him to relate key topics and identify exactly what the principal issues are in any learner’s understanding.

Andrew is a keen footballer and pianist and continues to pursue his interest in philosophy. He loves to debate and he runs his school’s debate team; he encourages all of his students to question things wherever possible, as he thinks this is a vitally important life skill.


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