Meet Amani!

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    Fir Tier
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    Key Stage 1 tutor offering a variety of subjects and 11+ tutoring.

Amani achieved a BSc in Psychology from De Montfort Univeristy before pursuing a career in clinical psychology. For the last four years she has worked in both clinical and research fields where she has been able to put psychological theory to practice. A key part of her role is teaching clients and colleagues about psychological theories and practices. Therefore, she has a great deal of experience tailoring her teaching to the individuals she is working with.

Amani’s personal approach to tuition is to make learning a fun, interactive and a collaborative experience.

Amani is an all-round food enthusiast, but her sweet tooth led her to become a keen baker. She has always enjoyed travelling and learning about different cultures. She is also a fitness enthusiast: weights, boxing and high intensity cardio are her cathartic outlet.