Meet Alexandra!

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    Sequoia Tier
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    Experienced teacher with international experience offering science, English and mathematics. Enjoys working with students who need learning support.

Alexandra has six years of international experience teaching science. She has also tutored science, English and mathematics for the past four years. She has a degree in pharmaceutical science from Greenwich University and holds a PGCE (specialising in chemistry) from Brighton University.

Alxandra encourages her students to love learning and how to learn. She spends time getting to know her students, building a rapport with them and sharing her love of learning and enthusiasm. Assessing what each individual student knows at the start is important, as students often underestimate their abilities and knowledge. Target setting is essential to ensure her students, and their parents or carers, know the journey each student is on. It is also a way of having an accurate measurement of progress. She then uses catering sessions, based on her knowledge, that shorten the skills gap any student may have. She then assesses the progress of each student using engaging sites like Quizlet or Kahoot. Alexandra also spends time teaching her tutees how to answer exam questions and spends a considerable amount of time honing their exam skills, as this ensures they will get their desired grade. Once the basics are established, she facilitates the students’ learning. At each step of the way, the student is made aware of their progress and is praised, because they are further along their learning journey than they were at the start.

Most of her spare time is taking up writing scripts and supporting new podcasters.