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    Compassionate, experienced and qualified life coach, with a Masters in applied psychology and a diploma in transformational coaching.

Alex achieved a BA in English Literature from Durham University. From the WPF she has a Foundation in counselling and psychotherapy. From 2011 – 2013 she worked for the Kids Company, mentoring a teenage child once per month for two years, for which she received the relevant training from the Kids Company. From 2014 – 2016 Alex went to London Metropolitan University, where she was awarded a Masters in applied psychology with Distinction, She wrote her dissertation on how behaviour in the workplace is influenced by playing sport. For the last three years she has worked for IntoUniversity. IntoUniversity is a United Kingdom-based charity that aims to help disadvantaged young people gain a place within a higher education establishment. It provides encouragement to children and young people aged 7-18 in pursuing further education. Here, Alex has coached students at university online and face-to face. Alex has also worked for Open Age – an organisation that creates chances for Londoners over fifty to work, learn, take part and stay healthy in body and mind. Here, Alex focuses on motivation, job applications and interview techniques. In 2019 Alex was awarded a diploma in transformational coaching from the Animas Centre for Coaching. Alex has been married for thirty years to Charlie who she met at Durham. He was an Investment banker until recently. She has three children aged between 21 and 26 and they mean the world to her.

Alex is a life coach and she helps anyone wanting to make a change in their life. Her sessions are non-judgemental, open and confidential. She has a background in the study of psychotherapy and applied psychology, as well as in coaching, so she has a wide perspective on how to support each client. Alex has a particular interest in coaching young people. She helps them to explore what is important to them about reaching a goal, and then encourage them to make a plan to achieve it. Her feedback is good; clients tell her that coaching helps them to feel more motivated, more confident and more decisive. They find more self-belief and motivation.

Alex believes that coaching can enhance the tutoring experience by focusing on a client’s perception of the end goal. Sometimes, students of all ages are held back by a deep lack of confidence and limiting negative thoughts. The impact of such thinking can trigger a cycle of behaviour in young people such as stress, fear and often refusal to engage. Coaching allows the exploration and greater understanding of negative thinking patterns. Alex offers practical models and exercises which help students to recognise unhelpful thinking and to manage it. This is where the magic happens and a student can replace negative behaviour patterns with realistic, positive ones, which will help them to reach their end goal, fulfil their potential and get the most out of their tutoring.

Alex hobbies include ballet, psychology, theatre, modern art, dachshunds, bridge and watching tennis Alex speaks working French and spend a lot of time in France. However, she does not speak fluently enough to be able to take a coaching session in French.