Meet Akshar!

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    Oak Tier
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    King’s College student offering sciences (biology and chemistry to A’Level & physics up to GCSE) and Mathematics (up to A’Level).

Akshar has recently completed his A level studies in biology, chemistry and mathematics. He is currently attending Kings College London, where he is studying for a bio-medical degree. Akshar has tutored for nearly two years, covering a variety of subjects, but mathematics and science are where his main passions lie. He has tutored mathematics from KS 2 all the way up to A levels (pure), science from KS 2 to GCSE level and biology and chemistry to A level students.

Akshar starts with a presentation and discussion which identifies the learning objective, ensuring that student is comfortable with and understands the areas being covered. The content is divided into separate topics, enabling Akshar to isolate specific areas of concern. He also introduces exercises, which enables the student to demonstrate their knowledge. At the end of the lesson, he tests the student with exam-style questions and provides feedback using the mark scheme. After the lesson, Akshar provides resources to aid learning, as well as some exam questions so that the student can apply and test what he has learnt. He also attaches the marking scheme, which provides an insight into exactly what is required to gain full marks from the question.

Akshar is a member of a local Cricket Club and enjoys working in a team. It’s more than just a sport, as it involves good ethics and honesty. He also plays badminton in his leisure-time.