Meet Aarani!

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    Oak Tier
  • Highlight:

    Graduate tutor, with a First Class in BSc business management, offering mathematics, biology, chemistry and music.

Aarani graduated this year with a first-class in BSc business management following her experience working as a business analyst for a global fashion brand. She is an experienced tutor, having worked part-time during her studies as a mathematics tutor for students aged 11-16; while also helping students prepare for 11+ and 13+ entrance exams. Aarani has a strong passion for biology and chemistry, which has led her to achieve A levels in both subjects and a Level 5 EQF for sports nutrition. From a very young age, Aarani has been drawn to music which has led her to become proficient in three instruments: piano, veena and carnatic violin. She has been playing these instruments for over seventeen years and reached a Grade 8 standard by the age of fifteen. Since then, Aarani has accompanied and collaborated with many artists across London in various concerts and festivals.

Aarani strives to provide a student-centred learning approach, as she believes all students are different. Therefore, her approach will vary depending on the student’s individual needs, interests and goals. She believes providing interactive and engaging sessions for her students is essential to inspire and develop a love for learning within themselves.

Aarani is an avid climber and upholds a daily yoga practice on a regular basis. She also enjoys cycling and hiking. Her passion for travel has taken her to over twenty-five countries and deepened her desire to learn about different cultures across the world. Aarani is also a native Tamil speaker.