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With Sophia, we make connecting with the best U.K. based online tutors easy; wherever you are in the world.

Our experienced tutors provide exceptional online tutoring, while you can trust and be reassured that we only provide fully vetted, police-checked, professional teachers and tutors.  Every Sophia Tutor has been interviewed personally by our Educational Leadership Team who share over 48 years of experience as Headteachers and passionate educators in outstanding Independent Schools both in the UK and abroad.

How it works?

Sophia upholds the highest standards of Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment in Education checks

for the vetting process of our tutors and teachers and complies with ISI (Independent School Inspectorate) guidelines in order to protect your child’s welfare when working online.

Interactive learning activities

Online learning is instinctive for children, however it is important that online tuition sessions provide the opportunity for children to engage in interactive learning activities in collaboration with their tutor. This helps to ensure that every private online tuition session provides a high quality learning experience where students are active participants in the process of learning when working with their tutors online.

High-calibre, professional teachers

Our Online Tuition sessions ensure that your child can learn alongside our high-calibre, professional teachers and tutors who are skilled in delivering engaging lessons online, while providing the flexibility to access some of the UKs best tutors wherever you are in the world.  


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