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Over 48 years of Educational Leadership Experience in top UK Independent Schools.

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We help you find the right tutor

As former Headteachers and as parents, we understand first hand the pressures that children face within the British Education system and we know what schools and examination boards are looking for. We also know that there are a wide range of reasons why parents call us for support for their child; to pass an exam, achieve a grade, support homework or improve in confidence.  

Parents want their children to be confident learners and to achieve their full potential.


 If you want a trusted one-to-one home tutor, you can be reassured that Sophia can help you find the tutor best suited for your child.


This can be a qualified teacher, highly experienced professional tutor, or one of our top academic university student tutors.


We work closely with you to understand your child and their learning needs, your own family philosophy and to explore your expectations from what you expect and want from tutoring.  

Professional tutors

All Sophia tutors are professionals who have been hand selected and thoroughly vetted by our Education Team.  Our leaders are happy to work with you to personally match your child with our team of trusted tutors.

Enjoy learning

We are confident that our team will not only help develop your child’s confidence, focus and levels of achievement but that you will also see their enjoyment of learning flourish.  

On demand mobile app

As parents, our on demand mobile app makes booking your chosen tutor, simple and convenient and unlike wider tuition agencies, there is no requirement to make a long term commitment, so that you can be assured you have found your child their perfect fit.  If you want a trusted one-to-one home tutor for your child, we can help.

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We understand how the one-to-one attention of an experienced teacher can help empower students to success and ensure that every child achieves their full potential.
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