Step by Step Guide on How to Sign Up to Sophia

Open the Parent App and choose the parent option below


You will automatically be redirected to the Marketing Info Page, choose the correct option for you and you will see the “Thank You” page.

This means that you have submitted your information successfully. Now it will undergo a verification by us, ensuring the safety of all students, teachers and parents. It’s a quick process and won’t take long. Right after that, you can start booking our tutors.

Step by Step Guide on How to Book a Tutor

Open the Parent App and choose the parent option below


You can now start searching for tutors and book. The first step is to select your preferred address.

In this field, you can search by name or part of a tutor’s name. Please see the example below. Then select the tutor you want.

To be sure that this is the correct tutor, you can check Biography, About and Reviews tabs. Once you are happy, you can click the ‘Book Session’ button.

You can now check the available slots of your choosen tutor and select the best date and time for you. You can choose one or more slots and click on the ‘Submit’ button.


The last step is to confirm the booking. Just make sure all the details are correct. Choose how you want to pay (Payment Method) and confirm the booking by clicking on the ‘CONFIRM’ button

That’s done! You and your tutor will receive the confirmations in your email inbox. You can start chating with your tutor to check the details about your session. If you have any questions, you can ask your tutor directly.