A Guide to Surviving Home Schooling

NappyValleyNet has released a “Guide to Surviving Home Schooling” today, in the hopes of helping parents navigate remote learning during school closures. The guide, which was written with insights from experts in education, provides the following key tips:

  1. Keep in touch with your teachers
  2. Find out what motivates your child
  3. Establish a routine
  4. Ask your child lots of questions
  5. Take it easy in the afternoons
  6. Scrap the worksheets and be creative
  7. Support your teen’s mental wellbeing
  8. Hire a nanny

In an interview with NappyValleyNet on the topic of home schooling, David McCarthy, our Director of Education at Sophia High School, asserts: “Children concentrate in short bursts and are most productive in the morning. Focus and concentrate on Maths and English first thing, and then spend time on the other subjects. Head out to the park or do things they enjoy in the afternoon such as sports, art, reading, science experiments, music or just relaxing. You can also try meditation every morning for 10 minutes and remove devices and all distractions from bedrooms at night, so kids are getting a good night’s sleep. And to quell any frustrations make sure you have a good internet connection too!”

The guide also gives some more specific tips for maths and educational games, as well as some useful resources and platforms.

Read the full guide here.