How Sophia High School is Reimagining Education?

How Sophia High School is Reimagining Education?

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Prior to the Covid 19 pandemic, 60,000 children in England were being home-schooled.  This is surely to rise considerably over the next couple of years.  In a recent survey by YouGov, nearly three quarters of parents with school-age children (73%) had spent time homeschooling their kids during the coronavirus outbreak. Among this group, two thirds said keeping their children disciplined and motivated was very (26%) or fairly (39%) hard. The second most cited challenge was finding enough time, with half of home-schooling parents saying it has been very (17%) or fairly (31%) hard.

Nevertheless, there are many advantages to being home-schooled.  These include:

● E-Learning is easy to use and is more effective

● The work cannot get lost

● It offers unlimited access to education resources 

● It offers more opportunities for sharing and presentation

● It offers real individualised learning

● It improves their computer skills  

● It offers an interactive and innovative learning environment

●  It can be accessed anywhere in the world. At any time of the day.

● It is good for the environment

● There are fewer cases of bullying and feeling intimidated in the classroom

I am optimistic that this type of learning will help to solve the injustice that has plagued our students, and create a sense of greater equality, whilst tackling the ever-rising numbers of students who suffer from mental problems which have been greatly exacerbated by the schools they attend.  However, I do believe you need the right teachers and educational management/leadership to help parents along the way.  Hopefully, this is where we come in:

Sophia High School’s educational leadership team has over 48 years of Independent School teaching and leadership experience. We believe Sophia High School will emerge as the future of education. We promote confidence and convenience without compromising on safety or quality of education.  

At Sophia High School,  we use a unique blend of traditional values and innovative approaches to education to create a best-in-class online learning environment. This is supported by our blended learning model, which ensures that digital learning time and independent home learning opportunities are both balanced and age appropriate.

Our mission at Sophia High School is to create a community of learning within a safe, secure and happy online learning environment, where our children are inspired, challenged and supported in all they do. Student achievement will be limitless and they will leave us with the confidence and capability that will equip them for every facet of adult life, as a global citizen. Students will be aware of their responsibilities as the learners of today and the leaders of tomorrow, as they develop critical 21st Century life skills such as communication, collaboration, digital intellect, empathy and sustainable literacy.

Our vision at Sophia High School is to empower young minds to think creatively, develop independence, problem-solve and make connections with the world around them. Modelled on the richness of the best international approach to education, our school unlocks potential, nurtures talent and realises dreams, so that students exceed expectations.